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Sr. Manager, Data & Insights



Posted on Saturday, July 6, 2024


Our mission at Pismo is to replace the outdated infrastructure that still powers the backend of most digital payments. We are a technology company known for our leading core banking and payment platform. Our platform provides cloud-native solutions for core banking and payments, paving the way for a new generation of more sophisticated payment solutions. We're looking for talented people to help us deliver cutting edge solutions to ensure our customers enjoy world class solutions. We started in Brazil and are now almost 500 people globally. Come and join the adventure.


Our analytics team is responsible for creating and maintaining advanced analytics products from which both the Company and our clients depend to support their operations, business metrics and decision-making. This team develop high-quality datasets, KPI metrics, billing information, dashboards on BI Tools, and Machine Learning models for internal or external customers taking a central role in the Company strategy. As the company already set a strong Data foundation and a complete Data stack that includes real-time data tools and reliable data platforms that allow us to go beyond our initial accountability, this team is gaining more responsibilities as the company expands and prepares new AI-enabled products for our clients worldwide.

What you'll do

  • Align stakeholders around the team’s vision, goals, metrics and roadmap;
  • Build, improve and maintain trusted and scalable Data and Machine Learning Products: Business-level Datasets, BI dashboards, Key performance indicators for the Company and their ETL-related Data Pipelines (Spark), with data visualisation and storytelling best practices over testing, monitoring, observability and security;
  • Conduct POCs and establish partnerships to launch new products and features based on AI, Machine Learning, and predictive analytics;
  • Moderate and effectively contribute to technical decisions on data architecture, data warehouse modelling, build vs buy, evolving data Infrastructure stack and team practices over Analytics and Machine learning;
  • Conduct ad-hoc and exploratory data analysis identifying tendencies and patterns using complex data generating insights to support the company's strategic decisions;
  • Contribute actively nudging the company to a Data-driven culture by improving data-driven decision-making, data literacy, lineage and standards establishing common standards and supporting analytical tools to be used companywide;
  • Work and communicate clearly on multidisciplinary teams composed of business analysts, analytic engineers, data engineers, and data scientists;
  • As a senior leader we also expect you to tutor other engineers and organize complex cross-team initiatives that are related to your expertise;
  • Contribute to the dissemination of agile development culture and code review;
  • Act as a mentor to accelerate the technical career growth of your team members, peers and the company;
  • Provide effective feedback to the team's technicians;
  • Lead the implementation and maintenance of development processes, ensuring that everyone understands the benefits and trade-offs involved, and adjusting them as needed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the team.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Big Data Processing with Spark for at least batch processing.
  • Experience with Python, SQL and BI tools.
  • At least 5 years managing teams from which 4 years must be managing multi-disciplinary teams composed of 5 to 12 Data focused by professionals with at least 2 different profiles ( Engineering and Quantitative profiles): at least 1 Data Engineering profile (either Software Engineering, Data Engineering, Data infrastructure or Analytics Engineering) and at least 1 applied quantitative domain (Data Scientists, Data Analytics, Advanced Business Analytics, Machine Learning Engineering).
  • Negotiation and communication skills to deal with different levels of stakeholders.
  • Advanced English Level
  • (Desirable) Preferably with a Master's degree in quantitative fields (Mathematics, Software Engineering, Statistics, Physics, Economics or similar fields).
  • (Desirable)Concrete previous hands-on experience as a Data Engineer, Analytics Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer or Machine Learning Engineer.
  • (Desirable) Previous experience with quantitative research or proven experience with numerical Machine Learning algorithms (Time series, Tree-based, logistic regression, Support vector machines, Clustering, Panel Data, Value at Risk, and Bayesian Statistics) especially with transactional Data (transactions, user personalisation, fraud detection, financial analytics, asset management).
  • (Desirable) Experience using Data Orchestration Systems (e.g. Airflow, Prefect, Luigi, DBT, or others) and Metadata management systems (Apache Atlas, Open Metadata or others);
  • (Desirable) Experience Developing automated Unit and Integration tests for data pipelines;
  • (Desirable) Experience using notebooks for data exploration (e.g. Jupyter, Databricks, Hex);
  • (Desirable) Experience consuming data-intensive distributed messaging processing systems (e.g. Kafka, SQS, Pub-Sub, Pulsar, Kinesis);
  • (Desirable) Experience developing and maintaining CI/CD for Data Pipelines (e.g. CodeFresh, Jenkins, etc);

Core Benefits

  • Remote work
  • Flexible hours
  • Gympass
  • Meal & Food vouchers
  • Remote work financial support
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical and Dental Assistance
  • Employee child care benefit: daycare
  • Vidalink partnership
  • Day off (Birthday)
  • Support for studying languages
  • 50% off AWS and GCP certifications

Technologies that we apply in our day


  • Java, Groovy and Go
  • Automated Testing
  • K6 (Load Testing) and Gremlin (Chaos Testing)
  • SQL / NoSQL
  • Git
  • Rest APIs and streaming data
  • Cloud (AWS and Google)
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Codefresh & ArgoCD
  • Grafana & Honeycomb
  • Jira / Confluence


  • AWS Services;
  • Data Processing: Spark, Flink
  • Python
  • Airflow
  • Relational databases (PostgreSQL and MySQL)

Platform Engineering

  • AWS
  • Codefresh
  • ArgoCD
  • Grafana & Honeycomb
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • Go, Python, and Shell Script
  • Prometheus
  • Istio


  • SAST
  • SCA
  • IaC Scans

Pismo is a techfin providing a cutting-edge processing platform for card issuing, digital accounts, wallets, merchant management, and other next-gen payment solutions. We currently process millions of accounts for fintechs and large banks worldwide, from Latam and expanding into European and Asian markets, who launch next generation products using Pismo’s resilient and innovative infrastructure.Pismo’s growing list of innovative offerings include:

  • Card Issuing: A fully featured platform for Visa, Mastercard, or private level issuing of credit and prepaid cards. Pismo’s platform allows its customers to control everything from client acquisition to account management.
  • Digital Banking & Wallets: Pismo provides a transaction banking core for modern digital banking experiences, from easy client acquisition to enriched cash-in / cash-out operations and internal transfers / P2P transactions.
  • Seller Management: From the onboarding to the daily management of each seller, Pismo’s platform runs a workflow process with pertinent settlement and commercial parameters for each transaction, such as MDR, clearing rules, settlement requirements, and days to pay.


Our core values

Responsibility & Commitment

Responsibility and Commitment are key tenets of Pismo's business. In all of our interactions, ethics and honesty serve as guiding principles. Transparency and alignment are essential at Pismo to foster a culture of accountability where people do not take shortcuts and dare to be vulnerable. We encourage ownership and enable our employees to be a part of the solution to our challenges.

Challenging the Status Quo to Drive Change

Pismo is a disruptive company that knows we can’t count on what got us here to get us where we want to go. Instead of following trends, our team members create them. We strive for the best solution for every situation, not the easiest. Taking the ordinary or common sense route is insufficient. This is how we affect real change.

Minimum Friction Experience

Pismo's success depends on fluid, clear, and careful internal and external communication. Our solutions should address issues directly rather than causing new ones. We understand that learning and development is a positive outcome of necessary friction. We want our customers and employees to have a pleasant experience free of bureaucracy.

Collective Power

Pismo isn't simply mine, yours, or some other team's. All of our people have a good purpose for being here. Each of us, in our way, has the freedom to be ourselves and know we are accepted. Pismo values being a multicultural organisation. We are stronger, more efficient, and happier when we operate as a team.

Delivering Value and Excellence

Constant development is essential as it allows us to supply high-quality products and services while ensuring that we always bring value to our clients. Pismo recognises the importance of new information in breaking down boundaries and forging new possibilities. We pave the way and set trends by developing market-leading solutions.

Focus on People

People are a company's most valuable asset. That is why we prioritise attracting and hiring the best people, followed by personal and professional development. We invest in people's growth and empower them to take charge of their careers. We value work-life balance because we understand how difficult it can be to distinguish between work and life.


Pismo is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer that proudly pursues and hires a diverse workforce. Pismo does not make hiring or employment decisions on the basis of race, color, religion or religious belief, ethnic or national origin, nationality, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age or any other basis protected by applicable laws or prohibited by company policy. Pismo also strives for a healthy and safe workplace and strictly prohibits harassment of any kind.