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Senior React Native Engineer



Software Engineering
Berlin, Germany
Posted on Sunday, July 7, 2024
SLAY, founded in December 2022, has swiftly made its mark in the mobile world. In 2023, we developed several apps and games that reached the #1 spot in the App Store across 3 continents.

Backed by some of the world's most esteemed investors, including Accel, Scooter Braun, Scott Belsky, and Ilkka Paananen, SLAY is rapidly growing and reaching millions of users. We're looking to bring together the smartest individuals to achieve our mission to redefine the social gaming landscape.


Mastering The Art Of Mobile Experiences

Step into the dynamic world of SLAY as a Senior React Native Engineer and elevate the mobile experience to new heights. With over four years of professional expertise in React Native, you will play a pivotal role in crafting our leading-edge apps and games. Your deep understanding of computer systems fundamentals will empower you to optimize for efficiency and performance, ensuring our global audience enjoys the slickest, most responsive interactions.

Bridging Platforms With Precision

Your technical prowess will be vital in bridging the gap between iOS and Android ecosystems. By leveraging your professional or academic experience in native languages like Swift, Kotlin, or Java, you'll fine-tune our core systems for flawless cross-platform functionality. Your contributions will result in a seamless and uniform experience for our users, regardless of the device.

Pioneering Graphics And Interactivity

As a seasoned React Native Engineer at SLAY, your flair for graphics programming using technologies like OpenGL, ThreeJS, or BabylonJS will set the stage for visually stunning and interactive apps. We're not just building games; we're creating immersive worlds. Your passion for building consumer-facing products will drive innovation, captivating our users and solidifying our reputation as market leaders.

Fostering Innovation And Professional Evolution

At SLAY, we are committed to pushing the envelope, not just in technology, but in our team's growth and development. We thrive on innovation and the continuous evolution of our skill set. Join us and be surrounded by a team that's as eager to teach as they are to learn, keeping you on the cutting edge of React Native development. Share with us the apps you've brought to life; we can't wait to see the magic you'll bring to our team.


  • 5+ years of professional experience in React Native.
  • Good understanding of computer systems fundamentals (Memory, Cache friendliness, etc.).
  • Professional or academic experience in native languages like Swift, Kotlin or Java, is a plus
  • Experience in Graphics Programming using either OpenGL, ThreeJS or BabylonJS, is a big plus
  • Passion and experience building consumer-facing products! We’d love to hear about apps you’ve made!


  • Salary: You'll earn more than in your previous job.
  • Prime Berlin Office: Our Berlin Mitte office boasts state-of-the-art amenities, including Apple Studio Displays and Herman Miller chairs.
  • Full Commute Reimbursement: We cover 100% of your commuting costs.
  • Gym Membership: Stay fit and healthy on us.
  • Visa Sponsorship & Assistance: We support your visa process and guide you through all the paperwork.
  • Stock Options: Benefit from our competitive stock option program.
  • Bureaucratic Support: Assistance with German social security, tax forms, and other necessary paperwork.