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Intern: Cybersecurity Start-up Marketing



Marketing & Communications · Intern
Mountain View, CA, USA
Posted on Monday, May 6, 2024

Vorlon Cybersecurity Start-up Marketing Internship Program (Syllabus)

Appropriate Applicants: Undergraduate students with an interest in marketing, research, cybersecurity, and start-up culture.

Duration: 10 Weeks

Program Purpose

This internship program is designed to provide interns with practical experience in creating and marketing technical content targeted at enterprise cybersecurity buyers. It emphasizes skill development in research, digital marketing, and cross-functional collaboration, along with the ability to manage multiple projects concurrently with the same teams and stakeholders.

As a paid opportunity, the program offers compensation, supporting interns' professional and personal growth while complying with local laws and regulations to ensure eligibility for college credit. Our collaboration with educational institutions ensures that the internship meets academic requirements and enhances interns' educational and career prospects. Interns may choose to accept or decline compensation based on their individual goals and applicable legal guidelines.


The program focuses on practical experience in creating and promoting white papers within a B2B cybersecurity start-up environment, emphasizing market research, narrative development, content creation, digital marketing, and cross-functional collaboration.


  • Provide hands-on marketing and research experience.
  • Produce and promote two white papers.
  • Develop market research, content creation, and digital marketing skills.
  • Foster cross-functional collaboration and project management abilities.

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: Introduction to the Company and Marketing

  • Objectives: Introduce the company's mission and marketing's role. Develop an understanding of the company's products, services, and target market.
  • Activities: Attend orientation, write an introductory blog post.
  • Deliverables: Completion of orientation, initial blog post.
  • Learning Outcomes: Understand the company's culture, mission, and strategic marketing role.

Week 2: Market Research Training and Topic Selection

  • Objectives: Train on market research tools and methodologies. Finalize the topic for the first white paper.
  • Activities: Meet with stakeholders to identify a white paper topic, and development of a research plan.
  • Deliverables: White paper topic selection, research plan outline.
  • Learning Outcomes: Use market research tools/methodologies; identify and select topics for white papers.

Week 3-4: Research and Drafting for White Paper 1

  • Objectives: Conduct in-depth research and begin drafting the first white paper. Conceptualize the second white paper.
  • Activities: Detailed research for White Paper 1, drafting the first white paper, conceptualization for White Paper 2.
  • Deliverables: Research summary for White Paper 1, first draft of White Paper 1, concept proposal for White Paper 2.
  • Learning Outcomes: Conduct comprehensive research, enhance writing skills for marketing content.

Week 5: Revision and Marketing Plan Development for White Paper 1

  • Objectives: Revise the first white paper. Develop a marketing plan for its promotion.
  • Activities: Revision of White Paper 1, development of a marketing plan.
  • Deliverables: Final draft of White Paper 1, marketing plan outline.
  • Learning Outcomes: Revise content based on feedback, develop a basic marketing plan.

Week 6-7: Marketing Campaign Execution for White Paper 1; Drafting White Paper 2

  • Objectives: Execute and monitor the marketing campaign for White Paper 1. Draft the second white paper.
  • Activities: Launch and analyze marketing campaign for White Paper 1, drafting of White Paper 2.
  • Deliverables: Marketing campaign launch for White Paper 1, first draft of White Paper 2.
  • Learning Outcomes: Execute a marketing campaign, adapt strategies based on data, improve drafting processes.

Week 8: Finalization and Marketing Preparation for White Paper 2

  • Objectives: Finalize the second white paper and prepare its marketing campaign.
  • Activities: Finalization of White Paper 2, marketing plan preparation.
  • Deliverables: Final draft of White Paper 2, detailed marketing plan.
  • Learning Outcomes: Master content revision, develop advanced marketing planning skills.

Week 9: Marketing Campaign Execution for White Paper 2

  • Objectives: Execute the marketing plan for White Paper 2.
  • Activities: Launch and monitor marketing campaign for White Paper 2.
  • Deliverables: Launch of marketing campaign for White Paper 2.
  • Learning Outcomes: Understand campaign management, evaluate marketing strategies.

Week 10: Program Conclusion and Presentation

  • Objectives: Reflect on the internship experience and present outcomes.
  • Activities: Preparation and delivery of final presentations.
  • Deliverables: Final presentation, comprehensive campaign analysis report.
  • Learning Outcomes: Synthesize experiences into a presentation, articulate marketing achievements.

Evaluation Methods

  • Quality and impact of white papers and marketing campaigns as measured through marketing pipeline metrics.
  • Feedback from interns, mentors, the Head of Marketing, and other stakeholders.
  • Achievement of weekly deliverables and overall program objectives.

Program Support

  • Mentorship from the marketing team and strategic guidance from the Head of Marketing.
  • Access to marketing tools, platforms, and company-specific resources (including cybersecurity research, large data sets, and more).
  • Cross-departmental collaboration opportunities.

Information for Schools

If you have a student interested in this internship, please send an email to [email protected].

Information for Students

If you are a current undergraduate student enrolled part-time or full-time with an accredited 2- or 4-year educational institution, and you are interested in applying, please send an email to [email protected] with items outlined below. There are no specific minimum course requirements, however, basic knowledge and understanding in the following areas will be useful: marketing principles and tactics, digital research methods, and data analysis. This internship is open to international students with the appropriate visa and currently located in the United States.

  • Resume with your Full Name, Institution and Area(s) of Study, Anticipated Graduation Date, Relevant Course Work and/or Work Experience, Current GPA.
  • Letter of Recommendation from a member of the faculty or staff from your current institution or a previous employer.
  • In the body of your email, please answer the following questions in 150 words or less.Why are you interested in this internship? How do you see this internship helping you achieve your goals? Why should we select you as our intern?
Vorlon is an equal opportunity employer.