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Software Engineer


San Francisco, CA, US / Remote

  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Industry: Cloud/SaaS
  • Post Date: 06/23/2022
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 915 Front St, San Francisco, California 94111, US

About Searchlight

Searchlight’s Predictive Talent Platform helps companies hire the right people faster by building complete Talent Stories. By connecting candidate reference and self-assessment insights to post-hire outcomes, Searchlight creates a virtuous talent cycle for retention that operationalizes Quality of Hire. Real-time information enables hiring professionals to increase efficiency, eliminate mishires, decrease time-to-fill, and make better data-informed decisions when identifying high performers. Searchlight is on a people-first mission to make hiring a win-win for everyone by understanding talent holistically.

Job Description

Why Searchlight?

  • Searchlight is creating a new category of data-driven hiring, focused on data infrastructure that closes the loop between recruiting and post-hire outcomes.

  • Fresh funding from top-tier investors like YC, Accel, and Founders Fund

  • Fast-growing team tackling an initial $140B market opportunity with a category-defining product

  • 77 NPS with customers like Zapier, Udemy, and Coda

  • Women-led and mission-driven company, founders are Forbes 30U30 with backgrounds from Stanford, Uber, Google, and McKinsey

  • Opportunity for meaningful ownership, leadership, and autonomy

Recommended Reading: Using Data for Hiring at Zapier

We are looking for a teammate we can count on to:

  • Given an initial design and technical plan, consistently deliver an end-to-end new product feature

  • Collaborate with more senior members of the team to scope product requirements and write technical specifications

  • Be shockingly efficient and results-driven to deliver software improvements to our users

  • Produce high-quality, production-ready, readable, maintainable code

Relevant Experience:

  • 2-4 years of experience software engineering, preferably at a seed, Series A, or Series B company

  • Well-versed in at least one modern engineering framework, and has showed aptitude to pick up new frameworks quickly

    • Our stack is React, Apollo GraphQL, Postgres, Node, JavaScript / TypeScript

Success Profile:

  • Self-starter and fast learner

  • Sharp at problem solving, critical thinking, and systems thinking

  • Proactive communicator, both verbal and written, around technical decisions and project deadlines

  • Primarily motivated to deliver high impact solutions to users rather than by using the latest coolest technologies

  • Biased towards action and speed of delivery rather than quality

Hiring Process:

  • Initial Screen (30 min)

  • First Round Interview (1 hour)

  • Final Technical Interview (3 hrs)

  • Searchlight References

  • Final Team Interviews (3 hrs)

Key Teammates:

Anna Wang - CTO/Cofounder

Within 1 week you’ll...

  • Onboard with our team

  • Ship your first commit on day one

  • Take on 1-2 small tickets to address bugs or make minor improvements. These will have both front-end and back-end components to help you gain familiarity with our codebase

  • Have 1:1s with everyone on the team

  • Go through a product orientation to get familiar with the different pieces of our platform

Within 1 month you'll...

  • Ship your first major project, which will involve scoping, writing the technical plan (ERD) with your onboarding buddy, submitting your ERD for team review, creating Jira tickets + estimates, writing unit tests, creating incremental pull requests, requesting code review, and finally -  deploy!

  • Participate in code reviews for other members of the team

  • Shadow a few customer and partner meetings every week

Within 6 months you'll...

  • Work with the engineering team to scope and ship products

  • Help us grow our team by mentoring new engineers, writing internal tooling and documentation, and interviewing new hires

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