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Software Developer


Latin America

  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Industry: Security
  • Post Date: 08/05/2022
  • Website:
  • Company Address: Battery Street, San Francisco, California 94111, US

About Truora

Truora is a technology company that builds authentication and communication tools for Latin America. Customers include startups, marketplaces, fintechs, banks, which utilize Truora’s products to reduce risk and validate their relationships with users, clients, employees, and suppliers.

Job Description

The Role: Software Engineer
As a Software Engineer, you will be playing a critical role in developing and maintaining Truora's product and making sure it’s the best available solution in the market. You will be working with your team on one of our products, either the ones live or the ones that are in the pipeline. Every day will be different, and you will need to problem-solve and prioritize any problem that comes your way. 
Women Engineers, this message is for you: The future is engineering! And the real impact? May more Latin American women be part of it! At Truora we believe in talent, hard work, and learning above experience because the desire to grow is the essence of our company. We want the team to grow and be led by incredible women!
Every week all teams rotate their sprint leaders. In this way, every team member should be the leader of the team at least once a month, we have a methodology named Proposal Review which helps us in the development of our new projects. An engineer from any level receives a business problem, this engineer should analyze the problem from the product view, proposing a solution concept. In the tech view, the engineer should design the architecture,  keeping in mind the data model, the code layout,  which component of the code should be rewritten or created. The proposal is submitted to a group meeting with the entire engineering area to receive feedback. Finally, when the proposal is approved, the engineer should lead the implementation of this project. The proposal Review is the way to reach the highest level of seniority in Truora.
How do we define the best talent?
We do not believe that to be a great developer you need to have prestigious degrees or have a job at NASA. A great developer is someone who knows how to overcome challenges, is self-taught, is always curious and who loves to grow professionally, we believe that a great engineer can learn and enjoys learning new languages and technologies, so if you have this passion to further develop your learning, Truora is the place to be. 
 How would working with us impact your career:  
Learn directly from top entrepreneurs who care about you and your development - Our leadership team is built by entrepreneurs with world-class technology practices and proven track records, who are especially passionate about developing their teams and helping you grow in your career and aspirations. One of our core pillars is education and development, so you will be working hand in hand with top engineers who will enhance your abilities.  
Develop further understanding of software technology business - Software is eating the world, and as a part of Truora's tech team, you will be expanding products throughout all of South America and the world. 
Not just technology but bleeding edge of technology  - At Truora we are building next-generation products that build on established technologies and fields quickly being developed such as identity management and AI
Have tremendous impact  - We keep people safe, and with the droves of people daily using our clients’ products, you will play a part in keeping millions of people out of harm's way Come Join us!

What You’ll Need:

    • Passion for entrepreneurship
    • Pro-activeness and willingness to push initiatives forward with little guidance
    • Leadership and teamwork skills
    • Ability to work in a fast-based environment and thrive under uncertainty
    • Tolerance to failure
    • Intermediate or advance level of English


    • Any city in LATAM

How does our process work?

      • We have designed as fair and honest a process as possible. Anyone can apply, and anyone has a chance to pass. We believe that if you have had the time and the knowledge  to finish one of the challenges, we should meet you.
      • After applying for the vacancy, you will receive an email with the challenge that we have designed for the hiring process. To be considered in the process, you must complete one of the challenge and notify our recruitment team when you finish, send them the GitHub link at [email protected] and wait for us to contact you and schedule an interview to meet our engineering team.
    • Deadline: you will have up to 4 weeks to finish the challenge.

About us:

    • Truora helps keep you and millions of other internet service users safe. We help keep LatAm safe by conducting fast, reliable background checks in Latin America for clients in many industries, including the region’s top marketplaces, financial institutions and HR teams. When you are picked up by a marketplace driver or receive a package from a courier at your home, we make sure the people providing these services do not have criminal backgrounds or other issues that would put you in any risk. Backed by Y-Combinator, and top tier VCs in Silicon Valley and Latin America, we currently operate in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru. We are expanding throughout LatAm. We are just getting started and looking for the best entrepreneurs in the region to make Truora the top anti-fraud company globally.
Come Join us!

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